We know mortgage advisers have a choice of lenders, so we’ve listed some of the advantages of dealing with The Mortgage Lender Limited (TML).

We’re focused on service

  • Direct access to underwriters based in Glasgow
  • True case management and ownership
  • We have a team of experienced key account managers dedicated to providing you with excellent service
  • Immediate Decision In Principle via our online system
  • Applications assessed on working day of receipt
  • Valuation instructed upon submission of key documents

Simple affordability approach

  • We have devised a simple and effective approach to assessing applicant affordability
  • Most of the demographic data we use to assess affordability is electronically obtained
  • This key information allows brokers to spend less time inputting data
  • Our affordability model enables us to assess current and future affordability

Flexible approach to income

  • Income multiples up to 4.5 x single, 4 x joint
  • Personal / occupational pension income can be considered as the sole source of income (minimum gross income for one person is £15,000 per annum)
  • 100% of second incomes can be considered
  • We will accept maintenance payments as a form of income, as long as there is a court order and a minimum remaining term of 5 years
  • Will consider 100% of basic salary, car allowance, and pension
  • Read more about our products and criteria

Wide range of property considered

  • Minimum property value £70,000, minimum £150,000 in London & South East
  • Ex local authority properties acceptable up to 75% LTV (properties within buildings of max 5 floors)
  • Properties with up to 3 acres of land considered
  • We’ll also lend in mainland Scotland (subject to some postcode exclusions)

Competitive maximum loans

  • £1 million up to a maximum 70% LTV
  • £800,000 up to a maximum 75% LTV
  • £600,000 up to a maximum 80% LTV
  • £400,000 up to a maximum 85% LTV
  • First time buyer maximum 80% LTV (FTB definition: where no party to the mortgage has held a mortgage within the last 12 months)

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