The Lending Criteria

We serve the UK mortgage market and are a 100% intermediary focused lender.

Our products and criteria are particularly focused on meeting the needs of borrowers, providing them with a true alternative to High Street lenders, including:


  • Our products cater for standard status borrowers who do not meet the requirements of high street lenders
  • We will consider 50% of overtime / commission / bonus


  • Up to 85% LTV if over 24 months’ trading time (80% LTV maximum if 12 – 24 months’ trading)
  • Minimum trading time 12 months
  • We’ll consider multiple sources of income for self employed applicants, taking 100% of all self employed incomes
  • We will consider all pre-tax profit
  • SA302s and accountant’s certificate considered


  • Tiers 1-6
  • Income calculation of up to weekly rate x 48
  • Current contract must be for at least 6 months
  • Existing contractors considered
    • Must have been contracting for a minimum of 12 months
    • Maximum 85% LTV
  • New contractors considered
    • Must have been contracting for a minimum of 3 months
    • Previous experience in a similar role for a minimum period of 12 months
    • Maximum 75% LTV

Lending into retirement

  • We have a unique affordability model for lending into retirement, enabling us to assess affordability today and also when the applicant is retired
  • We will lend up to age 80 (at the end of the term) as long as the applicant’s retirement income supports the lending requested
  • We will assess lending into retirement using the applicant’s stated retirement age or 70, whichever is lower

Impaired credit

  • Our products cater for applicants who have an imperfect credit history, including County Court Judgements, arrears on secured or unsecured lending or defaults.
  • Bankruptcy / Individual Voluntary Arrangement must be discharged / satisfied 3 years ago and maintained a clean credit profile.
  • All applications are credit scored.

We have devised a simple and effective approach to assessing applicant affordability. Most of the demographic data we use to assess affordability is electronically obtained. This key information allows brokers to spend less time inputting data.

Are you an applicant or an existing customer?  Please visit our customer website. 

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